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JC Lighting co ltd is a renowned commercial-led downlight manufacturer in China since 1988 with a customer-driven perspective to provide energy-efficient light solutions. With a sophisticated and fully equipped research and development facility, we manufacture and promote quality, reliable commercial-led downlights that meet household requirements as well as professional markets.


Capabilities of our commercial led downlights


As a commercial led downlights manufacturer, we have employed advanced technology and a qualified R&D department to design and manufacture lighting systems and solutions that not only meet market requirements but are internationally quality-compliant. Our commercial led downlights come with capabilities such as:

  • Ip65 waterproof rate-the commercial led downlights are waterproof as well as dustproof, ideal for use in different weather conditions.
  • Made of die-casting aluminum-made of strong material, our commercial beam lights are very durable and long-lasting.
  • Multiple different-angle beams are designed with different adjusting angles for the beam reflectors.
  • Square or circular frameless heads-our commercial led downlights to come in square or square heads to suit different application scenarios.
  • It is made with spring mount clips with plastic elements to protect the ceiling.


commercial led downlights


Advantages of our commercial led downlights


With the advancement in the technological field and utilizing a skilled and qualified workforce under a full R&D team, our commercial-led downlights come with unmatched advantages and benefits. These are:


  • High-efficiency output: made with a high energy preservation material, our commercial lights are capable of high power output and efficiency.
  • Low glare light-the reflectors are designed with a black color ring to reduce light glares and are friendly to the user’s eyes.
  • Easy installation-the clips are easy to assemble and mount the light body, so you can easily install the light using provided manuals and also dismantle it when unmounting.
  • The designer commercial downlights-our company makes the downlights with modern features and are fashionable to meet customers’ needs. They are also nicely designed and presentable indoors and outdoors.
  • High-quality light-our commercial LED lights are capable of reducing the temperature of the light source and producing smooth and quality light.
  • Safety: we employ high-precision processing and quality controls making our downlights safe and secure to the users and environment.


commercial led downlights




With many sectors and industries advocating for energy-efficient, high-performance efficiency, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective lighting solutions, our commercial-led downlights continue to find numerous uses and demand from different industries. Some of the facilities that make and apply our highly efficient downlights include.

  • The hotel industry
  • Offices and commercial buildings
  • Homes and households
  • Shops and shopping malls


commercial led downlights


Bottom line


JC Lighting co ltd continues to wow its customers, both in household and professional markets with better-designed and manufactured lighting systems that meet their needs at the best prices. We enhance and promote quality, safe, reliable, and energy-efficient lighting appliances that are made following international quality controls and standards.

Our commercial led downlights are designed with customer needs in mind to provide a great experience of value, efficiency, eco-friendly, simplicity, and safety to users and market players. With our downlights, you open a world of lighting experience that is reliable and top-quality light.

To enquire more about our commercial led downlights or get information about our lighting solutions, contact us today.

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