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How to find the best commercial bathroom lighting - 3 facts you should know?

Here are some adjustments you may make to the lighting in your commercial restroom to improve its appearance:


Optimize the temperature

The easiest restroom error to correct is commercial bathroom lighting which is too cool. A cooler light temperature is typically selected to make an area appear cleaner and enhance visibility. However, when evaluating this aspect of lighting, keep in mind that lumen output is considerably more important for visibility than color temperature.

We recommend focusing on making the color of the commercial bathroom lighting that is appealing to guests. Warmer color temperatures make it simpler for the eye to adjust upon entering the space and give an ambiance to the restroom, significantly enhancing the experience of looking in the mirror!


commercial bathroom lighting


Find the optimal balance.

Moderation is the key to perfect commercial bathroom lighting. We've said it before, and we'll say it again: lights that are too numerous or too bright will rapidly become harsh and bleak. However, this does not mean you should underweight the restrooms; adequate lighting is necessary to prevent commercial bathrooms from seeming messy and primitive.


A Sample: Floating in the Light

It is well-known that lighting resembling natural sunshine is attractive, making it a great choice for restrooms where individuals do makeup and groom themselves.

When natural sunlight is unavailable, or if the bathroom is windowless, designers can create the illusion of an open area by using artificial light.

Flexible linear LED lighting put beneath the vanity in this example reflects off the highly polished floor, altering the vanity's weighty appearance and imparting a sense of airiness.


commercial bathroom lighting


Design for commercial bathroom lighting

The art of designing commercial bathroom lighting extends beyond scattering a few bright lights about the room and ignoring the issue. To prevent the restrooms of your business from seeming antiseptic and unwelcoming, meticulous design and attention to detail are required.

Depending on the venue type, there are many ways to enhance the coziness and elegance of the space through intelligent business bathroom lighting design (e.g., office, bar, restaurant, or a different public area).

By combining lighting with vibrant hues, you offer more ambiance. Even though your commercial bathroom lighting design largely focuses on dark shades, integrating lighter shades in select locations can do wonders for the mood by reflecting and dispersing light. To prevent your commercial bathroom from feeling like a cave, we propose installing wall lights in the regions far from the windows, where light may not reach.


commercial bathroom lighting


Liberating commercial bathroom lighting


Our vintage and modern lighting can completely transform a bathroom. Given the volume of guests that will use your facilities, the lighting in your commercial restroom or toilet should be carefully examined.




JC Lighting has a variety of lighting options, We are certain that you will find the perfect light for your commercial bathroom among our variety of fittings, which are offered in a range of colors, styles, and sizes, whether this is for a pub, bar, or café. Learn more about us now!

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