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Project description 

Adidas Paris store is also a successful overseas projects, one of the more successful cases. Located in the Champs Elysees Street East of the Adidas. The opposite and NIKE's motion space corresponding to the clover series display area of the shop is mainly composed of Scarlett mounting array responsible for lighting, the store is often filled with the pursuit of the trend of young people, the glass wall is also listed the new Adidas sport pattern, full of fashion.


Design concept

In order to cater to the local people in France with the light of the traditional, in view of the characteristics of the decoration style, Jia Cheng also configured with a relatively light program. 


Adidas children's wear area

The bright white walls, colorful clothing products with unique style, is the children's area. Scarlett to polish shoes commercial use OP08 track spotlight. Apparel product areas continue to use OP08 to fine tune the mapping. The whole area generally bright color clothes. 


Adidas adult clothing area

Adult clothing area light slightly darker, highlighting its soft atmosphere. Blue fluorescent lights on the top shelf, but also highlight the characteristics of the brand. This area is mainly used on the OP20 orbit lamp, and lamp light distribution SEDE120-2. Reasonable collocation of two kinds of lamps, indoor space soft enough, without losing elegance. 


ONLY Dress

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