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Project description 

Opened in December 24, 2015, the Zhongshan Xiaolan Only Parkway Plaza clothing store, as a high-end brand of women's industry pioneer, Only's divided into three sub brands, high-end EDGE series, TRUE series LOVE series of city streets.


Design concept

According to the characteristics of the series, the overall project lighting design techniques are also different. Need to be independent of the various brand space lighting planning. According to each space height and different regions, lamp selection is not the same. Especially for the front window, the window will highlight special lighting.

EDGE high-end series

The space design of hope in a small area by the intensive use of lights to create high-end elegant feeling, thus forming a sales focus, with the spotlight, forming "office" atmosphere.


TRUE Street Series

Is Only's most young fashion style of the deputy. A design concept of youth and vitality, bold and light treason. Lighting design with light to create an atmosphere, but does not interfere with commercial performance; model and other key display need regular light.


LOVE City Series

Love bright colors, simple and elegant design, the space suits the characteristics to create a thorough and transparent light environment.

light configuration with uniform lighting. 70W arranged to form a uniform and wide angle lamp, illuminate the effect. The exhibition area in the main entrance inside, the width of combining way of lighting, appropriate to increase the brightness and lighting effects to reach the end. Models show, the layout of the narrow angle lamp, uniform lighting effect and peripheral contrast. Classic, with the connotation, always filled with fresh and stylish atmosphere, respected innovation. 

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Yongxing Industrial Village,Yongxing Industrial Roard,Xiaolan Town,Zhongshan City Guangdong Province