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TW 03 track 43
TW 03 track 46
TW 03 track 43
TW 03 track 46

Universal Single Phase 3wire track for commercial LED track lights,it's compatible with market track system(TW-03 track)

Single phase 1-circuit 3wire track be universal with market track system, it's made of pure aluminum, with full set accessories,it's suitable for small size commercial lighting

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Single-phase 3wire Track(TW-03 track)-----TW-03 Single-phase 1 circuit uses 3 wire copper (L wire, N wire and ground wire), the tracks are universal with market tracks, pure aluminum, copper and PVC materials to provide good and stable quality, a full set of accessories joints constitute a complete track system, it's good for commerical lighting.


There are 1meter, 1.5meter, 2 meters and 3 meters , and there are 3 colors to choose, white, black and silver grey, all the track accessories need to buy separately.

TW-03 track-42TW-03 track-44TW-03 track-45


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