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LUCIA&E run 08
LUCIA&E run 08

Designer commercial lighting ,recessed mounting, round trim, adjustable , high output lumen, spring fast mount clip easy installation and dismantle, low-glare light,high power (LUCIA DLRS161 30W)

Flush mounting commercial lighting ,round trim frame, head are adjustable , 30w high efficiency with multiple beam angle reflector, spring fast mount clip easy installation and dismantle, low-glare light good for shop general lighting (LUCIA DLRS161 30W)

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LUCIA Series Round trim adjustable ( DLRS161 30W ) ----Precision die-casting aluminum heat sink and trim, special coating process,good ventilation and heat dissipation, spring clamp installation fast, big power, high efficiency, a number of different beam Angle of the  reflector is optional, low glare, the light is soft and smooth, there will be no excess of light, of good quality and high level, is suitable in shop general lighting, office lighting, lighting or public area, this one is right choice.


Round type adjustment, wallwasher 30°vertical and rotation 355°, spring fast mounting clips suitable for different ceiling, be easy to install and dismantle, COB LED chip, Smart dimming driver are available.



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