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SD152P1T Spud 16
SD152P1T Spud 16


Die-casting aluminum housing with 45°pull down wallwasher function, square type frame can be connection to double or triple or more, the connection kit need to buy separately

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Spud series Square ( SD152P1T 1 x 40W)----High quality aluminum die-casting material lamp body and face frame,electrostatic spraying technology,better heat dissipation,product life longer,Using the square frame to increase the angle of cut beam can effectively reduce glare,Precise design of pure aluminum oxide reflector,can provide wall washing type and vertical type two ligh efficiency, and with 15°, 24° , 36° , 60° Angle reflector: 15° reflector, suitable for focus lighting requirements,to highlight the object to be displayed ; 24° and 36° reflectors are applicable to standard floor space diversified lighting.overall lighting, wall washing lighting and auxiliary lighting. The 60° reflector is suitable for integral lighting in large spaces.

SD152P1T Spud-15


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