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TW track 38
TW track 41
TW track 38
TW track 41

Single circuit 1-Phase 2wire track for commercial LED track lights (TW track)

TW single phase 2wire tracks are made of pure aluminum, with full set accessories,it's suitable for small size or small power track head

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Single-phase 2wire Track(TW track)-----TW Single-phase single circuit track design for indoor luminaires,the system could be componsed to a excessive orientation with different jointer a specify compatible connector that connect to the track. And the fixture position are adjustable for where the illumination is need, it is the excellent illuminative plan for various exhibit hall showroom shop window where the lighting display is need.


There are 1meter, 1.5meter, and 2 meters , color have white, black and silver grey, all the track accessories need to buy separately.

TW track-37TW track-39TW track-40


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