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英文网站(EVO系列) 01 04
英文网站(EVO系列) 01 05
英文网站(EVO系列) 01 04
英文网站(EVO系列) 01 05

Reccessed commercial LED light Round adjustable trimless type, small size with anti-glare for HOTEL lights (EVO DLRS85ITL 10W)

COB LED Reccessed commercial LED lights , trimless mounting, adjustable, anti-glare sencond reflector to choose(white/black/mirror),black is good anti-glare , module heat sink made of die-casting aluminum, it's easy and flexible to combination with different type trim or frame,multiple reflector and optic lens(EVO DLRS85ITL 10W)

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EVO Series Round trimless adjustable ( DLRS85ITL 10W ) ----Trimless recessed LED down lights EVO series of plastic reflector by electroplating, there are  two kinds,square and round, trim and trimless type.Die-casting aluminum heat sink,flexible angle adjustment.the paint finish color with heat and corrosion resistance.Black light series lens is used to make the spot transition uniform and full without residual light.Optional honeycomb,multiple anti glare,reduce discomfort caused by glare.


Use COB led chip, reflector type and Optic lens type housing heigh are tiny different see the follow drawing, Dimming are available



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