Qinhuangdao qihang camp

Qinhuangdao qihang camp 

Meet • future education

Qinhuangdao qihang camp will combine the content of innovation and localization, and focus on six learning fields, including natural history, humanities, art, science and technology, physical and mental health, community participation, and world citizenship. Explore the multiple relationships with the Children from all over the country about the "ocean and me" , and understand the interaction between the ocean and human , it's a youth workshops which covering ocean, nature, space, culture, carpentry, magic science, sports and mindfulness, from static to dynamic, stimulate youth's curiosity and thirst for knowledge from the inside out; Through cultural elegant collection, indoor concert, Chinese culture salon, listening to tea and other splendid salons and performances, let everyone from the thought, vision, hearing, smell, taste all round cultural baptism and edifying, feel the beauty of Chinese traditional culture; A highly focused thematic workshop for parents to discuss with parents a global competency development plan, to transform themselves to meet future needs of 21st century youth

Meet Cezanne

When you come from a distance, you will see eight elegant and simple individual buildings. When you get closer, you will find that the individual buildings here are closely combined together through winding and orderly corridors. This kind of modern architectural technique is very representative, like the father of extreme modernism -- Paul Cezanne.

It is through this kind of modernist architecture, simple and layered sense of patchwork, and JC lighting design simple and beautiful shape can be more integrated together, in the design of lighting highlights the aesthetic sense of the object, but also do not lose sense.

Design concept

Meet JC 

In the museum, you will find Marine specimens come to life under the light of JC, the lighting fixture there are ZOOM, REZI, HITON80WT and PAZZLE series. Each corner of the display area, the role of the key lighting is to be shown, in this case, JC downlight HITON80WT series, with soft and accurate, delicate and elegant atmosphere as the leading, it’s just right for each piece of displaying, it can be called "the marvelous gadget on the ceiling". Through the track light ZOOM series, the reflector beam Angle can be flexibly adjusted to provide various irradiation effects. Children can clearly observe the details of biological specimens, experience learning in nature and in museums, and meet the theme of future education in the camp.

The suspension lighting REZI series is a complement of the general lighting, creating a bright and comfortable environment. The simply glass not only provide for daylighting, but also it is a visual complement to the light experience of participants, such as students, parents and teachers, parents and teachers. It is this special decoration style。In the lighting design, JC more focus on the "accent lighting" itself. Among them, PAZZLE series creates overall comfort through perfect dark and seamless soft lighting. GLIDE series track lights, simple beauty, sandy white color appearance, more suite for the artistic aesthetic sense of modernist architecture; The environment illuminated by the spotlights with low color temperature and warm light is closer to the theme of "warmth" in the life. Under the soft light, children, parents and teachers will feel a warm feeling and reach an agreement with the promotion of "home-school-community education" in the camp. This fits perfectly with the mission of JC - a supply of valuable light.





Time : 2019-08-20