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Bentley Car Showroom

Project description 

The global standard Bentley showroom decoration of Guangzhou exhibition hall is located in Guangzhou new business center of the Pearl River New City, and Haixinsha square, Guangzhou new library, Guangzhou Grand Theatre, Guangzhou West Tower and other landmark adjacent to new Guangzhou, the Guangdong Provincial Museum, and the Guangzhou new TV Tower across the river; the superior geographical environment, elegant and comfortable indoor the environment reflects Bentley's excellent and noble.

In December 2010, I was the Secretary for the exhibition hall of the lighting renovation project. Show the style of Bentley showroom interior style.

Design concept

Because the surface of the car is made of glossy surface, the surface of the vehicle has the characteristics of strong specular reflection. Under the irradiation of the light source, there is a rich layer of gloss texture, which is the key to improve the car charm. In order to achieve this effect, in the car where the commodity top mounted around the ceiling lamp lighting; especially in the front windshield parts easy to cause the attention to the people, and to strengthen the focus on the use of the tail lamp lighting; but to show the distinction and discussion area. Lighting should be considered to create a comfortable, low color temperature, give a person a kind of gentle feeling, which is convenient for the customers to rest and talk. Use the hanging type grille lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp lighting.

Time : 2019-10-16