Domestic-Art Museum

Domestic-Art Museum

Beijing Chaoyang Planning Art Museum

Project description 

The predecessor of Chaoyang Planning Art Museum is the industrial relics of three old factories in Beijing Yanshan Gas Appliance Factory. Which are preserved in the North Park Construction of Chaoyang Park, during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, as the Olympic beach volleyball main stadium attached room use. After the end of the Olympic Games was transformed into a Chaoyang Planning Museum of art, Reconstruction design incorporates science and green ideas, in the continuation of the original pattern of the old factory space at the same time, into the creative elements, Through the auspicious clouds of low-radiation glass roof, clever will be the three old plants as a whole together, pay special attention to the transformation of the original industrial buildings to protect the historical style, evoke memories of the past.


Design concept

Chaoyang Planning Art Museum was completed in March 2010, mainly to 3D creative theme. The museum opened four activities plate, and space design with their own characteristics. 3D technology for the layout of the museum, Jiacheng also designed the corresponding light configuration. For example, the stairs of the iron stand install to track light mainly, and the display window is to use the traditional down light and track light. In the entrance of the promenade roof, we used well-arranged of smallpox design, coupled with Jiacheng embedded lighting spotlight, the space suddenly become wide and bright.

Time : 2019-07-19